Citra Anticoagulants Announces FDA Approval for NO CLOT-50™, ACD-A

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Braintree, MA (PRWEB) November 23, 2004

Citra Anticoagulants, Inc. announces its parent company, Cytosol Laboratories, Inc., has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for NO CLOT-50™ Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose Solution, Solution A, U.S.P., commonly known as ACD-A, for use in the extracorporeal blood processing with Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Systems in the production of platelet rich plasma. NO CLOT-50™ is the anticoagulant of choice to prevent clotting of the whole blood during the extracorporeal blood processing with Autologous PRP Systems.

NO CLOT-50™ is a United States Pharmacopeia formulated product containing 50 milliliters of ACD-A. NO CLOT-50™ prevents the coagulation of blood by virtue of its citrate ion’s ability to chelate the ionized calcium present in blood to form a non-ionized calcium-citrate complex. When the total dose of citrate ions is greater than the total amount of ionized calcium, blood clotting is prevented.

NO CLOT-50™ is marketed and distributed exclusively by Citra Anticoagulants, Inc.

About Citra Anticoagulants

Headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, Citra Anticoagulants, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cytosol Laboratories, Inc., a privately held company, which develops and manufactures sterile, medical solutions. Citra Anticoagulants markets and distributes various citrate-based anticoagulants to a multitude of markets within the medical community.


Citra Anticoagulants, Inc.

Ronald H. Lewis, Ph.D., President

Adrienne Summers, Team Customer


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